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Corporate Governance



Interest rate being charged is based on various factors like cost of funds, margin, risk premium, un-allocable expenses among other things. As far as risk premium is concerned, it will be based on variables like Profile, underlying security, tenure, other terms and conditions etc.

Asset Liability Committee (ALCO) has been authorised by Board for the purpose of laying out appropriate internal principles and procedures in determining interest rates and other charges. ALCO comprises of Head of the organization along with relevant head of the departments. ALCO has product pricing as one of the responsibilities among other things authorised by Board.

The Board of Directors of the Company or a Committee drawing power from the Board, while fixing interest rates shall be guided by this document on Interest Rate Determination. In addition to basic cost elements, the Board or the Committee shall be guided by the market conditions and various rules and regulations, if any, prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India or such other competent authority from time to time.

Interest charged for various products / Schemes shall have the following components:

  1. Base Rate
  2. Approach for Gradation of Risk/Risk Premium
  3. Penalty Charges

1 Base Rate

3. Penalty Charges

  • Base Rate represents the rate chargeable under every product / Scheme irrespective of the risk weight attached to the product / schemes or the type of scheme. Basic Interest shall be arrived at after considering the following aspects:

    1 Cost of Funds

    2 Overhead Cost

    3 Return on Capital Employed

    • This component represents the interest and other incidental charges payable by the Company for servicing the borrowed funds deployed by the Company. Major contributing factor to this component includes Interest on Bank Borrowings, interest on other financial instruments and other incidental charges thereto.
    • This represents the Employee cost to the Company and other operating & miscellaneous overheads.
    • After considering the above cost factors, the Board / committee shall take into consideration a fair return on capital employed which is to be generated by the management for servicing the owners' capital employed in the business.
    • Thus the basic interest rate for the gold loan schemes shall be determined by considering the cost of funds, overhead cost and fair return on capital employed.
  • 2. Approach for Gradation of Risk/Risk Premium
  • Risk Premium shall be determined by taking into account the degree of risk involved in loans under each product / scheme. While the rate shall be lower for the schemes where advance amount vis-Ã -vis security available is the lowest, it shall be increased for schemes offering higher advance amount for the same security. Further, irrespective of the product /scheme, the risk interest shall also be determined after taking into account the period of the loan as the incidence of risk goes up with the passage of time. Profile of the borrower will also affect premium being charged based on either his repayment capacity or his track record on previous loans with the company, other financial commitments, geography (location) of the borrower, end use of the loan as represented by the underlying asset etc. Such information is collated based on discussions with the borrower, reports from credit bureau wherever necessary etc. and field inspection by the Company officials.
  • Loans outstanding for more than due date shall be charged penal interest in order to compensate for the opportunity cost of cash flows and also to discourage liability getting exceeded the realizable value of security.

Interest Rate Policy




Mr. Ashutosh Khajuria, Nominee Director, ceased to be a member of the Board on account of the completion of his term of office as Nominee Director w.e.f. April 30, 2024. 

Mr. P.R. Seshadri, Independent Director( In the capacity of Additional Director), resigned from the Board of Directors of the company w.e.f 22nd August, 2023.

Mr. Sumit Kakkar, Nominee Director, resigned from the Board of Directors of the Company w.e.f. 13th March, 2020

Mr. Dilip Sadarangani, Independent Director, retired from the Board of Directors of the company w.e.f 8th September 2019

Mr. Ganesh Sankaran, Nominee Director, resigned from the Board of Directors of the company w.e.f 15th February 2019

Mr. Rajagopalan Santhanam, Nominee Director, resigned from the Board of Directors of the company w.e.f 20th December 2018

Mr. Suresh Kumar, Independent Director, resigned from the Board of Directors of the company w.e.f 19th June 2017.

Mr. Ujwal Thakar, Independent Director, resigned from the Board of Directors of the company w.e.f 5th August 2016.



Nature of Charges LAP/Home Loans/MSE LAP PL BL
Processing fees details upto 3% + applicable taxes on the total loan amount subject to minimum Rs. 7500/- + applicable taxes (Non Refundable) upto 3% + applicable taxes on the total loan amount  (Non Refundable) upto 3% + applicable taxes on the total loan amount  (Non Refundable)
Full Prepayment Charges (For  fixed rate loans, floating rate loan to non-Individual Borrowers and individual borrowers for business  purpose) 4% + applicable taxes on the loan outstanding loan amount. Prepayment charges shall be applicable on all payments, other than EMI made towards principal sum in the last 12 months from intended date of prepayment 4% + applicable taxes on the loan outstanding loan amount 4% + applicable taxes on the loan outstanding loan amount
Part Prepayment Charges (for fixed rate loans and floating rate loans to non individual borrowers and Individual Borrowers) 1% + applicable taxes if more than three part prepayments are made during the year subject to                       a) Each Part prepayment amount must be equal to minimum two EMI's   b) 4% part prepayment charge + applicable taxes for part prepayments in case part payment >25% of loan outstanding at beginning of financial year. Part Payment not allowed Part Payment not allowed
Cheque Bounces Charges Rs. 750 plus applicable taxes
Overdue Interest / Over Instalment charges / Late payment charges / Penal Interest / Additional Interest 3% per month
Repayment Instrument /Cheque Swap Charges Rs. 500 plus applicable taxes
Loan Statement Charges (Nil for 1st statement every half yearly) Rs. 500 plus applicable taxes
NOC Issuance Charges (Nil for first NOC ) Rs. 500 plus applicable taxes
Document retrieval charges (per advice) Rs. 500 plus applicable taxes Not applicable Not applicable
Loan cancellation charges Rs. 2000 plus applicable taxes plus interest charges from the date of disbursement till the date of cancellation Rs. 1000 plus applicable taxes plus interest charges from the date of disbursement till the date of cancellation Rs. 1000 plus applicable taxes plus interest charges from the date of disbursement till the date of cancellation
Switch charges (for change in the ROI / Rate Type / Margin) 1% of the outstanding loan amount plus applicable taxes
Any other charges As per actuals or as decided by the management from time to time
Above charges shall apply, unless specifically communicated by the Company otherwise at the time of sanction. Charges are subject to change and shall be updated on Company's website




Information of an important update regarding policy change on penal charges, in accordance with the guidelines laid down by Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

(a)   RBI vide its Circular No. RBI/2023-24/53 dated August 18, 2023 on “Fair Lending Practice - Penal Charges in Loan Accounts”, has advised financial institutions that penalty, if charged, for non-compliance with material terms and conditions of the loan contract shall be treated as penal charges and not be levied in the form of penal interest that is added to the rate of interest charged on the loans/advances. RBI has further advised that there shall be no capitalization of penal charges i.e. no further interest shall be computed on such penal charges.

(b)   In light of the foregoing, the provisions of the Loan Application relating to:

  1. the payment/repayment obligation (including principal, interest, fees, charges) of the Borrower towards the Loan;
  2. any credit support (including, without limitation, any guarantee or indemnity) provided / agreed to be provided in relation to the Loan;
  3. compliance with financial covenants, collateral related covenants and information covenants;
  4. any breach which is likely to have a Material Adverse Effect shall be considered as “Material Breach” of the Loan Application and upon breach, Fedbank Financial Services Limited reserves the right to levy and recover Penal Charges, at its sole discretion, at the rate specified in the ‘Annexure A’ herein below.

Penal Charges represents charges over and above normal interest rates/ fees, levied for default/breach by borrower in complying with the terms on which Loan was disbursed. Upon levy of such Penal Charges, the Borrower shall pay the said Penal Charges along with applicable Goods and Service Tax (GST), if any, other taxes (of any description whatsoever) and charges which may be payable pursuant to applicable laws, from time to time, in relation to your Loan.

Further, there will be no capitalization of penal charges in your loan account i.e. no further interest computed on such penal charges.

(c)  The aforesaid penal charges are being imposed primarily to act as deterrent against breach/ default of the Loan and is intended to inculcate a sense of financial discipline and discourage Borrower from defaulting on his/her obligations as specified in Terms & Conditions of the Loan Application.

(d)  The aforementioned guidelines are effective from April 01, 2024 and applicable for all fresh loans which are executed from April 01, 2024. In case of existing Loan, the switchover to new penal charges regime shall be ensured on next review or renewal date or before June 30, 2024, whichever is earlier. These guidelines will operate in conjunction with the other Fedbank Financial Services policies on pricing and customer disclosures.

Annexure A

Penal Charges Rate:

Penal Charges in the event of default / delay in payment / repayment of any part of the loan amount on the due date. 1% per month inclusive of GST on the overdue / defaulted amount over and above the applicable interest rate.



Anil Kothuri-MD & CEO

C.V.Ganesh- Chief Financial Officer

Rajaraman Sundaresan - Company Secretary & Compliance officer


Company has 2 Selling and Servicing Agents, which are as follows:

1. New Opportunity Consultancy Private Limited (NOCPL)

2. Svasti Microfinance Private Limited


Note: Si Creva is not a Sales & Servicing Agent for Fedfina effective 5th August 2023.





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