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Is this the right opportunity to buy your dream HOME???

Man standing in front of house with house key

Owing to the pandemic, dreams of several people have got shattered and several lives are under uncertain conditions. All of us are eager to hear some good news about the ongoing crisis so that we all can get back on track to achieve our dreams and desires.

Owning a house is one such dream. Looking at market reports prices of Real Estate are sliding down due to the crisis as well as Stock Markets going down. Due to this Real Estate developers are finding it challenging to get buyers for their projects. Therefore they are luring customers by offering attractive schemes to make people buy houses.

Here’s what you can do

Yes, it’s true and evident that we all are facing tough times. But one can still benefit and crack a good deal when it comes to buying a house provided your income is stable. As discussed above builders are offering houses at discounted rates. Owing to the decrease in property prices, builders are having tough times. Here you can take the advantage of striking the right deal, but make sure to invest in a ready to move in property and not in an under-construction building.

Builders are also entertaining buyers who are ready to pay some down payment and has the appropriate loan papers, which ultimately gives them some room for instant cash from the buyers.

Taking a Home Loan at this time

Well, there’s absolutely no doubt that Financial Institutions will be doing a severe background check on your eligibility and loan repayment capacity. Financial Institutions will scrutinize your documents, salary slip, business papers, investment, job status and others before sanctioning a loan. Since this is a tough time scrutiny will also be a bit higher just to ensure you have a stable flow of income.

But if you manage to get a loan it’s time to jump with joy, as you have managed to buy a house at a reasonable rate. Provided the real estate market will bounce back once everything is in place, but in all this, you are in profit as you have taken your decision wisely at the right time.

So if you are of the same view and have a house in mind which you always desired to buy go ahead and turn your dreams into reality with Home Loan from Fedfina.

Category : Home Loan   |  Date : July 13, 2020, 3:07 pm   |  Author : Nikita Pardeshi

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